ZW’s Guide To Record Store Day 2015

record store day

Record Store Day is finally here! It’s the day where you say to yourself, “I’m only going to spend 75 dollars today” and then triple it once you get there and see all the records you want to buy.

I can’t decide if my favorite part of RSD is the exclusive releases, the live music, or the camaraderie you find while thumbing through records next to so many other music fans. No matter what you enjoy you are sure to find it on Record Store Day. Luckily for us we have a large number of Record Stores in Tampa Bay.

This post will serve as your one stop guide for all the information you’ll need to successfully navigate your many options. There’s stores in both Hillsborough and Pinellas county so we recommend you look over everything before making your plans.

And remember, the exclusive releases are cool, but check out the rest of the shop! Buy some used records! Buy something different than you normally would! Support your local record store!

Address: 4906 N Florida Ave Tampa, FL, 33603
Open at: 9 am
Facebook Event

Special Stuff:

  • Free PBR!
  • Cappy’s Pizzeria next door will be opening early at noon.
  • Bring your Microgroove RSD receipt to Independent Bar and Cafe for 10% off!
  • Commune + Co will be serving their nitro-tapped coffee.
  • Ultra Limited Edition lathe cut copy of Candy Bars’s 2006 LP, On Cutting Ti-gers In Half And Understanding Narravation. 20 copies


Live Music:

12:30 – DieAlps!
01:30 – Florida Night Heat
02:30 – Gullwing
03:30 – egos
04:20 – Talk Nice**
**Only 2nd show! feat’g members of Jensen Serf Co./Alexander & The Grapes

Address: 2540 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, Florida, 33612
Open at: 8 am
Facebook Event

Special Stuff:

  • Free PBR!
  • Drawing for people in line before doors open
  • Free coffe For first 15 people in line
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Budget Vinyl
  • Vegan Bakesale

Live Music

4:00 pm Poster
4:45 pm Stoned Ape
5:30 pm Soapbox Soliloquy
6:30 pm Empire Cinema
7:30 pm DieAlps!
8:15 pm Eliot Mayo (comedy?)
8:30 pm Shawn Kyle and band
9:30 pm Rahim Samad (hip hop)
10:30 pm Blithe Augury
11:20 pm Nude Tayne
11:55 pm Tim???

Tampa: 14246 N Nebraska Ave.
Brandon: 805 W. Bloomingdale Ave.
Pinellas: 7688 49th St N.
Open at: 10 am
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Each store will have drawings for

  • Tickets to Fort Rock festival
  • RSD Shirts
  • Limited edition lithographs
  • Prize bags

Address: 1745 West Hillborough Ave 33603
Open at: 8 am

Thoughts on Record Store Day:

“just a heads up. don’t call about RSD releases. we are not ordering any of that garbage. everyday is record store day. we specialize in punk, thrash, grind, pop punk, hardcore. we sell 95% indy released records from small basement/home run labels.” source

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Address: 666 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL, 33701
Open at: 8 am
Facebook Event

Special Stuff:

  • Free coffee to first 100 people in line at 7:30am
  • St. Pete Indie Market on central ave noon – 6pm
  • WMNF broadcasting live from 4-6pm
  • Daddy Kool Official RSD release: Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band – “You Can’t Judge A Book” seven inch single. All Daddy Kool copies signed by Reverend Peyton
  • Sales, Giveaways, exclusives, etc

Address: 2414 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL, 33712
Open at: 8 am
Facebook Event

Special Stuff:

  • Limited run Planet Retro RSD shirt
  • Food & Beer
  • Sales Specials
  • DJ playing music until live music starts


Live Music Starting at 10:30:

James Rustad
Jeff Brawer
Tommy Slade
Lonly Monster
Moon Flag
Dave Decker
Tidal Wave
Y Los Dos Pistoles

Address: 2226 16th Avenue North
Open at: 9 am
Facebook Event

Special Stuff:

  • Free Beer From 3 Daughters Brewing
  • Food available from Maui Mama
  • Screenprinted shirts made on premises
  • Free RSD giveaways
  • 15% off all used merchandise, including items already on sale
  • Chance to win tickets to Fort Rock Festival


Live Music

9:30 am The Vultures
11:00 am Mike Blenda w/ Gwan Hi-Fi VSOP
3:00 pm Nick Boutwell AKA Whitey Alabastard

See something we missed? Hit the link up top for the contact form and let us know!