ZW Asks: What is the nerdiest thing you do on a regular basis?

Every Friday Zero Warning will be asking various local musicians a question to help you get to know them. The first question is, “What is the nerdiest thing you do on a regular basis?”


Christian Costello
Christian Costello of Station Cases

I do a lot of nerd shit regularly. Play Guild Wars 2 and other video games, watch anime, listen to ska music.

John Freda
John Freda of The Fuzz Factory

Dude I dont know, being a nerd is so “in” right now I just feel like all the nerdy things I do are cool.

Mateo Henley of Samurai Shotgun

I shoot fireballs at people when I don’t like what they say or if they’re talking too much. They are invisible fireballs.

Jun Bustamante

Hang out with other nerds…on a regular basis….

Evan Cole
Evan Cole of Wiltshire

I play lots of video games, take 4 classes at a community college, listen to radio alternative, read sci-fi and fantasy books, and cook, clean and be a house-dad.

Jack Jallo
Jack Jallo of Lipschitz and The Goat House

Write Star Wars fan fiction. I write up characters and backstory/prologues, sometime just short stories. Lately I’ve been pieces short stories and back stories together and I’m trying to make a, not published or anything like that, book. I’ve got the first chapter down.

Hagan Lee
Hagan Lee

Listen to talk radio all the time. Or watch The Dark Knight every time I’m hungover. I’ve watched it probably 50-100 times. Dark Knight Rises too, I switch between the two.

Ryan Dormois
Ryan Dormois of Snacking

Play Yu-gi-oh.

Jared Houts
Jared Houts of Trials

I’ve read manga every week since I was in middle school. I co-write/draw an L.A. noire-esque detective comic about a co worker with a cool detective sounding name. We have never met the guy but gave him a fantasy persona and fear getting to know the actual person in that it would kill the fantasy. It’s filled with anime, comic, and current event references and is a self aware comedy/thriller packed full of claims adjuster jokes. Also I regularly talk with this nerdy bearded guy about his e-zine/local music site