ZW Asks: If you had to get a face tattoo what would it be?

ZW Asks 4

Every Friday Zero Warning asks various local musicians a question to help you get to know them. In honor of today being Friday the 13th and tattoo shops giving cheap tattoos, this week’s question is, “If you had to get a face tattoo what would it be?”

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Dylan Colón of Big Brother

Ice cream cone like Gucci Mane.

Vanessa Brewster of Wet Nurse

I would get an ice cream cone so I could be tuff like Gucci Mane. Though it wouldn’t be as big, or even on my cheek. Probably hidden under an eyebrow or something, but still – TUFF. Its the only one worth getting. My other thought was a single tear, or chola eyebrows.

Djack Djallo of Lipschitz

I’d probably get a gun on my face so I can look as tough as I feel.

Tim Anderson of Big Brother and Poster

Eyebrows. My morning ritual takes far too long with these bush bars.

Caleb Johnson of UFO Sex Scene and Ask For Tiger

Damn good question, though I’m prepared and have given this thought. On the left cheek: “uppity bitches” and on the right cheek: “get Gucci stitches.”


Roberto Roldan, Zero Warning Writer

I’d get an AK on my face, hoe. So you know I don’t shoot no pistol.  Video.

John Freda

20 buffalo wings, fries, and a diet coke.

Fernando Diaz of UFO Sex Scene

I’d probably get John Morgan of Morgan and Morgan’s face tattooed over my face.

Vanessa Lynn Garcia of UFO Sex Scene and Whirlynn

Across my forehead: stop looking at yourself.

Kristin Stigaard of No Clubs

florida tattooI would get something subtle like stars on the side of my face. Or I’d get this.