Wolf-Face / Caffiends @ NWB 8/8/14

There’s a certain amount of difficulty in writing about a show like the one held for the Wolf-Face / Caffiends Split release. It’s nearly impossible to assemble words that accurately convey the feeling that was in the room that night. Allow me to try by taking you through it:

The openers, Early Forms and Sunshine State, played solid sets, ramping up the crowd for the main acts. (Check out their music in the links below.)

Caffiends began with “86 My Mind,” the first song on the split followed by the rest of the EP, “Blind Them With Dental Floss” and “Remember To Forget.” The energy of how of how much they enjoy playing music is apparent, as the band was all smiles, laughter, and jumping, which in turn was making the crowd want to do the same. They at one point ran through a large number of songs exclaiming, “Ok, we’re going to play six songs in a row, because if you haven’t figured it out yet that’s what we do.” After finishing off those six songs in almost as many minutes they said, “If we weren’t on time before, we are now.” With the last few songs finished Caffiends made sure to invite everyone out to Taco Bus, though they couldn’t tell you which one, “Because we’re from Orlando.”

Wolf-Face is a show if I’ve ever seen one. Let me set the scene. It’s 12:30 am, a projector displays nude men with wolf heads. The Good Wolf, Rain-Wolf and Wolf-Fart pop out of New World Brewery’s exit door and begin playing a cover of The Cramps’ “I Was A Teenage Werewolf”. From behind me I hear, “What the fuck just brushed my leg!” When I look down it’s Michael J. Wolf crawling his way through the crowd, though he’s wearing shorts instead of his standard yellow briefs. Moments later Wolf-Jesus appears to everyone’s surprise and rips off Michael J Wolf’s mask. It was a Wolf-Poseur! Wolf-Jesus disrobes and pushes him off stage, the real Michael J Wolf has risen and ousted the Wolf-Poseur! They begin immediately with “Death To Wolf Poseurs” a track off the new split followed by “I Wanna Be a Homo (Sapien)” from their album Still A Son Of A Bitch.

New World Brewery had recently changed their speaker set up to allow for more room on the floor, which the crowd took total control over. Heavy pushing and yelling along with the lyrics really displayed the crowds enthusiasm for the band. At one point I got pushed, tripped right over the monitors and slammed in to Rain-Wolf who didn’t miss a beat and kept playing. Nearing the end of their set, Michael J Wolf and The Good Wolf joined the crowd and they lifted Michael up singing while crowd surfing. One of their final songs is a rarely played cover of the Nobunny’s “I Am A Girlfriend”. Even after leaving the stage the crowd’s passion was plainly obvious and an encore was demanded. They ran back out to play their final song of the night “Put Me In Coach. On Second Thought, Go Fuck Yourself.”

This show is a memorable night for anyone involved. Do yourself a favor and listen to the split below. Catch the Orlando Release party at The Peacock Room on 8/16/14 with some amazing orlando talent.