Wall Street @ Schoolyard Skatepark

Hidden in the cut, and rarely talked about, is the Schoolyard Skatepark in St.Petersburg,FL. This is where local skaters of the future polish up on their talents & gifts of kick flips, ollie’s 180’s and more. On this night though, a special event is held at the skatepark called “Wall Street”. This consist of amazing eye-popping art, baffling break dancers, live music from different genres and your sure fire quality dj’s.

Dj’s Earl Grae, Young Bacon, Galaxz and Galati took turns mixing it up with dope hip-hop, soul and funk tunes. As you walk in, art is everywhere, some for sale & some for show, different styles to grab your attention and is definitely worthy of purchase. B -Boys all over the floor and in every corner practicing for the battle to come as the night sets in.

To kick off live music for the night was feel-good indie rock band The Happiness Machine. Great voices and musicianship to match, they put illustrious vibes through out the building. Followed up was Dj Earl Grae with hard-hitting Mijo on the drums, playing along to whatever the Earl was spinning. Next was St.Pete’s own rugged crew, Ol Madness. Breaking down their sets one by one, Barabbas, TDP, Saint & Dea handled their business getting each & every point across. Infinite Skillz reppin’ hard for A2Bay brought out some of his posse from ATL. Joe Stu & Shred TVT bodied the mic with extreme bars and slappin’ beats. Along for the ride was W.I.C. ( We Invented Cool) with their sure enough cool swagger and native tongue style.

The b-boy competition was well put together. A lot, if not all had something to offer, from ill poppin’ & lockin’ to breath-taking windmills and out of control head spins. It is just something a person has to experience for themselves to see these spectacular feats. Just from watching them it is truly a work out indeed. Hearing ooh’s and ah’s from the crowd with every performer, people watching every move as you see camera’s flashing and the end of every round the break dancers getting a standing ovation.