Video: Mushumentary

Zero Warning sent videographer Joseph Rodriguez to hang with Mushmind in Miami and film their trip to The International Noise Conference. The following words are by Joseph.

Mushmind consists of lead singer Chris Campagnano, guitarist Zack Strikland, Bassist Riley Huckaby, and drummer Nate Irizarry. They’ve performed and become a staple in the Tampa scene for 3 years and are known for their intense, energetic, and spontaneous stage presence.

I don’t personally ever say this unless I mean it because so many musicians oversaturate their music with their respective influences, but I do genuinely feel like Mushmind has created a sound unique to them. Tracks like “Time Kills” or “Slip Into Love (Adult Interests)” build tension with lyrics that are seductive while having their tongue firmly planted in cheek and then eventually explode into full-blown rage that is all too relatable when it comes to relationships with anyone. They can encompass the slow-paced, shoe-gazey sound then dropkick into a riff that is fast as anything you’ve heard.

The trip itself was a lot of fun for me, the hardest part was probably not laughing while they were all bickering. You could tell that in the moment they were dead serious about it, but for any spectator it’s just hilarious…or maybe that’s just me.

To all the guys in the band thank you so much for letting me film you all in your natural habitat and to all the viewers I promise even though they are awful to each other they are all really cool people and they actually do like each other sometimes.


You can find Mushmind on Bandcamp and Facebook.

If you’re interested in doing getting Joseph to make a video for you: