“On The Edge” is a new monthly edition to the St. Pete music scene located at The Amsterdam. Since December of last year DEA and SAINT have worked collectively to create an experience like no other, combining an arsenal of diverse and powerful entertainers.
The room becomes a melting pot of authentic artistry  from the sculptures on the wall, to the craft beers filling the glasses, interlaced with soft lighting and open minds. All walks of life mingle and exchange ideas around family style seating or at the bar, uniting different styles of music and ideals with the same goal in mind: to be entertained.
Tysonious Mink set the tone for the evening spinning nothing but the dopest vinyl spanning all genres, from his personal collection of Wu-Tang to the Black Keys and everything in-between.
This months edition brought out Everist, a 5 piece experimental post hardcore band hailing from all parts of the Bay Area. The lead singer JT Salazar provided powerful vocals and screams that reminded the crowd of an early Coheed and Cambria with his crisp tones. The drummer Lesniel Sanabria was on point nothing but energy, head banging, and perfection. The two guitarist Curtis Hatfield and Jeremy Murphy carried the steady pace of the band and showed flare in isolated solos killing it with or without shoes. The bassist Frank Frangipane really stole the show with his charisma, wielding his wireless bass like an axe inside and outside of the venue making St. Petersburg his personal play-ground.
This energy and excitement led to the highlight of the night which was local comedian and tattoo artist Kyle Ruse. Kyle delivered a seamless stand up performance that left the crowd on there feet and in tears, no subject was taboo. In fact he was so entertaining not a single photo was taken of him in the moment!
The mood had been set which opened the doors for ROBOborealis, a rising duo from St. Pete specializing in the art of live-tronica. Matt uses his Novation Launch Series MIDI Controllers in a dark atmosphere illuminating the night with his multicolored touch pad sounding out bass rhythms and drums.  Alex the other half of the duo harmonically plucked guitar strings and then serenaded the crowd with a priceless 1890s violin. Everyone was in awe, musicians and spectators alike appreciating artistry of this caliber.
The night was rounded out with utter ruckus as Velcro Straps and D-Stan took over The Amsterdam with their unique brand of trippy bass heavy hip hop, causing everyone to get buck. Their fan base is something serious, reciting every word at the top of their lungs until it ultimately forms a mosh pit of camaraderie, broken glass, and pizza.
The “On the Edge” event really unites genres and people in a new fashion molding an environment of support and creativity, much needed for a fresh scene. The next installment of “On The Edge” will take place on February 26th, be there!
Written By: DEA & SAINT
Photo Credit: DEA, SAINT, & Guillermo Novoa