Trigger City Trio / One Mile Final / Burning Tree @ The Local 662 3/6/15

Trigger City Trio

The Local 662 set the stage for Trigger City Trio’s CD release party on Friday, March 6th. With a line-up that guaranteed a good time, St. Petersburg brought out a top-notch crowd to listen to these great local bands. Unfortunately for me, I missed out on the first band, Row Jomah. Knowing that I missed a good first set, I quickly made my way into the venue and towards the stage to make sure I didn’t miss anything else.

The second band on stage for this jam-packed night was Burning Tree. Before the set, I thought these four local guys had a home court advantage, due to the large crowd they were drawing in. However, when the first song started, I knew it had to be more than that. Their more relaxed reggae vibes began the set, which allowed the crowd to finish their conversations or order their drinks. Then, Burning Tree seamlessly transitioned into their rock sounds and compelled the crowd to stop what they were doing, and come front-and-center. Towards the end of the set, this versatile band let everyone know that this “may very well be [their] last live show.” However, if the fans had it their way, Burning Tree wouldn’t be going anywhere except back on stage.

Next up was One Mile Final. This four-piece alternative rock band from Tampa completely electrified The Local 662. Having seen One Mile Final before, I had an idea of what to expect from them, however my expectations were immediately exceeded. Their stage presence and natural ability to capture the crowd was at a peak when their heavy rock beats intertwined with Latin vibes to create truly unique sounds. One thing that hadn’t changed since the last time I saw them was lead singer, Brian’s, amazing vocal abilities and the rest of the band’s instrumental abilities. Drummer, Josh, and lead guitarist, Bryan, proved that it isn’t only lead singers that can draw in a crowd. Taking turns, these two let loose on stage and played some kick-ass solos. By the end of the set, One Mile Final was on another level.

Rounding out the night was the main attraction, Trigger City Trio. These three guys from St. Petersburg took an already amped crowd and brought them to a new high. Rock vibes were a running theme throughout the night, but Trigger City Trio brought out the funk in their music and mixed it with some heavy blues sounds. This soulful band coupled their good lyrics with their instrumental talent, often letting their heavy guitar riffs and distinct changes of pace speak for themselves. This local band kept the energy high with their lively stage presence and great crowd appeal. Trigger City Trio’s set proved to everyone in The Local 662 why their new album is definitely one to have on hand.