Triathalon and Ursaria @ Microgroove 11/9/14

Ursaria and Triathalon took the stage at Microgroove, this past Sunday November 9th. The crowd got cozy between the shelves of records and prepared to have their expectations blown away. Let me tell you, as far as free shows go this was definitely one of the best I’ve seen.

After jumping on the bill last minute, Tampa based band Ursaria opened the crowd with an incredibly energized set. Their front man, Cooper Dalrymple, spent the entire set switching between three instruments and fully using the stage which kept the audience on their toes and fully engaged.

They ended their set with a cover of The Killers, which was an immediate crowd pleaser and a warm transition to the headliner. Be sure to check out their bandcamp.

Triathalon, whose discography I have memorized since the show, is on their album release tour of Lo-Tide.

This band from Savannah, GA is effortlessly one of the most personable groups of people I’ve experienced at a show. After talking to Hunter Jayne and Chad Chilton before their set, not only did I have a few new bands to check out, but I also had a good idea of what their sound would be.

They described their new album to embody the genres of psychedelic surf rock and shoegaze. They also said that in comparison to previous work, this album was more layered and involved more guitar and chorus.

This was obvious as soon as their set started until the final song. It was light-hearted and had the entire crowd moving.

Several people in the audience were asking themselves “How did I not know about these guys?” It was obvious everyone in the crowd had the same feeling. “This set is giving me butterflies,” I overheard a few people say.

Their final song, Adam Intrator took the microphone into the audience and started shaking hands and personally thanking people for coming. After this started to be accompanied by his dancing, the band had not only given the crowd a good laugh, but also solidified a new group of fans with high hopes for the rest of their tour.

After the show, a majority of the people stuck around to send some positive messages to the band. They spent as much time as they could hanging out and sharing stories with everyone before another night of driving. The conversations spanned from musical influences to pooping on tour. This group had a great presentation of themselves, which made the whole crowd comfortable with them. I’m not sure if an album can be classified as “easy on the eyes”, but their performance made it seem possible. Give it a listen below and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean.