On February 23rd, California thrashcore punk band Trash Talk stopped at Orpheum in Ybor City to give the fans a massacre of a Monday night. Whoever said Monday’s are lame were totally wrong. The energy was high, sweat was pouring and people were moshing.

Opening act Mushmind came on loud, apathetic, and very intriguing. The noise punk band from Ybor City definitely got the crowds attention with the crunching of guitars, wild stage presence, and the front man Chris’s short shorts. Chris gets crazy on stage screaming lyrics while rolling on the ground eating the microphone. At times the crowd felt a bit awkward as they were still getting used to Chris’ eccentric style. By the end of the show they were 100% in to it.

Up next hailing from Tampa was prog-hip-hop band Samurai Shotgun. Entering the stage with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme and slicing right into their first song “Ginsu”. Samurai gives fans a show with rapid lyrics, screaming vocals and an energetic stage performance. Mixing many genres from hip-hop to post hardcore, there are definitely elements of a funk groove and a punk feel to them.

Trash Talk performed songs of their latest albums “No Peace” and “119”. Front man Lee Spielman jumps off stage during the first song saying, “I hate this stage! I need to be close to you. THIS IS A FLOOR SHOW TAMPA!” talking to the fans. Drummer Thomas Pridgen ( The Mars Volta, The Memorials) killed it with perfect execution on every song, banging kick drums and crashing cymbals. Trash Talk had a short & sweet yet powerful set leaving fans satisfied. Whoever said Monday’s weren’t good have obviously never been to a Trash Talk show.