The Venture Compound changes leadership



Emmy Lou (left) and Ben Barrett after teaching a vegan cooking class at St. Pete Free Skool. (via Facebook)


I’ll be honest, I lost all interest in the Venture Compound when Jesse Vance made the conscious decision to stop booking punk shows and went on Regarding Tampa to trash talk Tampa Bay’s punk scene.

According to Creative Loafing Tampa, Vance is out and St. Pete Free Skool organizer Emmy Lou is in. She will be taking over as the new director of the burgeoning art space.

“She’s the only person I’ve found that I feel truly gets the purpose of the place. Also, I think she might love it more than I do,” Vance told Creative Loafing.

I don’t think this is likely to change much of VC’s reputation with the punk/hardcore scene in Tampa Bay. The old days of late-night punk shows are over for VC. Plus, a hippie space with a board of directors doesn’t really seem like a place the crust punks would be hanging out on a Tuesday.

I am, however, stoked to see a DIY venue that has consistently promoted non-commercial art really succeed and I am even more stoked to see the new opportunities that arrive for VC with Emmy Lou at the helm.