Terminus house show the last for Golden Coastal Grizzlies


The surf pop band Golden Coastal Grizzlies have had a great run in the local music scene here in Tampa as well as their home town of Lakeland, but their performance Friday at the Terminus house show venue in Temple Terrace will be their last.

Though GCG will be no more, Danny Dalen, GCG’s lead guitarist, has said publicly on social media that band members will continue on with different projects.

“The rest of GCG will be going into an indefinite hiatus while they plan for the future. I will continue to play with and contribute to Poster along with putting the rest of my creative energy into a few new projects,” Dalen said on the GCG Facebook fan page.

Terminus owner and event organizer Tim Anderson said he will be sad to see them go, but looks forward to future projects from the band’s members.

“I’m sad that the day has come where I will no longer be able to watch GCG in all their grizzly glory, but I’m eager to see what happens with all the new projects that have stemmed off this monumental Lakeland band. Friday will definitely be an emotional evening and I expect nothing less than a group hug and chicken pot pie,” Anderson told Zero Warning.

The Terminus house show venue started hosting shows a little more than two years ago and has since brought the likes of Samurai Shotgun, Poster and Lakeland hardcore punk band Pilgrimage.

“shoot for an environment that is fun for the regulars and welcoming to newcomers,” Anderson said. “The “scene” at my house contains like minded individuals who are passionate about music and everyone seems to be on the same page as far as respecting the house/maintaining a safe space.”

If you’ve never heard of Golden Coastal Grizzlies before, it’s a little too late, but their influence on the local scene will forever be memorialized on their BandCamp page here.