SWIMM / Zulu Wave / Bellows @ New World Brewery 2/13/15


Friday the 13th has been known as an unlucky day for a long time with society passing down superstitions for centuries. Thankfully, Brokenmold Entertainment and New World Brewery doesn’t buy into all of that. They took a “bad” day and turned it into an amazing night with a killer, all Floridian, lineup: Bellows, Zulu Wave, and SWIMM.

Kicking it off was Bellows. This three-piece band had good vibes from the get go. Starting off to a calm crowd and atmosphere, Bellows was quick to change the pace. Their melodies were connective, capturing the audience with the way they could switch up their sounds, incorporating bluesy undertones with folk, ambient-rock. Not only did they attract people to the main floor from throughout the venue, but their set also brought out the other bands.

Next on deck, Zulu Wave from right here in Tampa Bay. To say these four guys were riding off the energy from Bellows would be a serious understatement. Zulu Wave completely took off with their indescribable stage presence and skills of playing their instruments. Their psychedelic rock sounds hits like a wall of noise inside of you. The captivating vocals, heavy electric guitar, and mastermind drumbeats were all layered together perfectly to form their epic sounds.

Last up was SWIMM. These two guys were born and raised in Florida, but have since left for bigger things in Los Angeles. Throughout the night there seemed to be ongoing genre similarities of rock between the bands. It seemed somewhat difficult to follow up the previous two sets, but SWIMM took those similarities, and that energy, and made it their own. This homecoming instilled faith that this band can do big things. Capturing the crowd with their lyrics, indie cool vocals, and upbeat vibes, SWIMM closed the night on a high. Everyone, the crowds, other bands, bar tenders, were up on their feet and dancing.

Together, these three bands made the jam-packed venue completely forget how Friday the 13th was supposed to be a bad, unlucky day; the crowd was too busy getting lost in the music to notice.