Rival Consoles / RUDE100 / Stoic / Other Ocean @ Crowbar 3/24/15


The Crowbar was host to a cerebral series of acts on the night of Tuesday March 24th with a free show spotlighting the deeper side of electronic music, leading up to a great performance by Erased Tapes member and IDM producer Rival Consoles.

First on stage to kick things off, though, was Other Ocean, AKA Sarah Capps. Her earth-shattering bass hits quickly grabbed everyone’s attention and kept them entranced by serving up ice cold breakbeats and downtempo electronica. Not unlike Aphex Twin in space, Other Ocean delivered loungey chords and lush synth pads on top of metallic percussion and evolving drum patterns. It was without a doubt a great tone setter for the rest of the evening.

The next act was another solo project, Stoic, from St. Pete. The tone was quickly set as a wash of chilly soundscapes took over the venue. It was almost as if Burial himself had delivered a surprise performance, complete with atmospheric 2 step beats, vast levels of reverb, and meditative ambience. Glitchy yet zen, Stoic brought an impressive variety of sounds to the table, from trip hop to throwback hip hop to chopped and screwed.

Rude100 kept the beats going with a guest-filled set. Over his mix of reggae and electronic inspired rap instrumentals, Rude brought out MC after MC to an ecstatic crowd. Mateo from local alt-hip-hop group Samurai Shotgun came out first with an improv verse that incorporated words suggested by the audience, which was equally hilarious and brilliant. After him were great cameos from Main, one half of Tampa rap duo Tha Villanz, Mike Mass, and KeithElite of The Rukus, of whom Rude100 is also a part of.

After this cavalcade of hip hop heads, Rival Consoles set up and swiftly launched into a monolithic opener that sounded as wide as the audience’s eyes were. Playing mainly a mix from 2013’s Odyssey and last year’s Sonne EPs, Rival Consoles built a series of slow burning, subtly evolving electronic tracks that still maintained a heavy feel to them. His songs lurched and crawled forward like a monster rising out of the murky depths of the ocean, with throbbing basslines and gorgeously dark chords. The only negative about his performance was that it was over far too soon. This is one act that undeniably has no rival.