Reveal Renew / Pale / Lipshitz / Gouge Away @ The Goat House

How about we talk Hardcore?! Because, that’s exactly what we got on this packed night at The Goat House. 9 bands on the bill called for a long night of screaming, slam dancing, and adrenaline filled, heavy guitar riffs. Bands from all over Florida came together on this hot & humid night.

Gouge Away, a four piece hardcore-punk combo from south Florida, was a crowd favorite. Fronted by 5 foot nothin’ Christina, you would never know that being so small that she could pack a wallop on the mic. Also, the smile she sang with, this cute but creepy-like grin, was very intriguing. No Peace, (touring with Gouge Away) got the crowd hyped up and swinging their arms with lead singer Iraldes’s powerful vocals over clashing drums and shredding riffs.

Gainesville hardcore band Wisdom Teeth went in for the kill though. The passion he was feeling while performing vigorously, led the lead singer to repeatedly smash the microphone into his forehead leaving a brutal & bloody scar. It was a must see moment!

Lipshitz had the home field advantage of the night. The wild crew you cannot tame went berserk with high-octane-like stage presence that could even get a wallflower bobbing their head along. With some of them dressing up in odd clothing and mask’s it was a sight to see. Lipshitz is always a crowd pleaser with friends of the band singing along and partying hard.

The odd man out of the night was one man band-man Pale. Hailing from LA, the multi-instrumentalist changed up the evening. The night was mostly hardcore and punk, Pale brought something else to the table, an abstract mix of noise, ambiance, and guitar looping. Making beats and reanimating live riffs with a soft voice over his instrumentation left the crowd interested, to say the least. A lot of the packed house left to go outside to talk and smoke, you could tell most of them weren’t feeling Pale’s non hardcore/punk ways. Nonetheless that did not break his spirits, a good handful stood and watched his performance. To end his set he covered Mulan’s “Reflection”, and might I add, Pale did it to the tee on a theremin. He left the crowd in awe and the people that actually stayed for his performance happily applauded.

To wrap up the show was Reveal Renew. Back to being a packed house, people stuck around for the punk-rock & roll Tampa legends. From start to finish these guys put on one hell of a show. The energy sky rocketed through the roof. With intense stage presence and great musicianship, RR owned the show. Circle pits, moshing and some what of crowd surfing began, with lead vocalist screaming and everyone chanting along pumping their fist in the air. RR was eminent, treated like royalty in this scene, it seems that they are going down the right path. This was truly a great show at The Goat House, no beef, all peace & love under the pale moonlight.