Regarding Tampa podcast tackles homelessness

The Regarding Tampa podcast is undoubtedly the best (and probably only) DIY podcasts covering big players inside and outside the local music scene here in Tampa Bay. They’ve managed to score hour-long interviews with the likes of Permanent Makeup, Gatsby, Zulu Wave and Jesse Vance of the Venture Compound.

Although Regarding Tampa had been on hiatus since January, they are back. This newest episode is really a treat as Josh Santos and host Michael Newberger step away from local music and Tampa in general to share interviews from the COSAC Homeless Resort in Haines City. From the episode description:

“This episode of Regarding Tampa is a little bit different than our usual episodes. We had the chance to live at the COSAC Foundation‘s Stay Plus Inn, a motel and shelter for the homeless. After being an institution in Hollywood, FL for over 10 years, the city paid them 10 million dollars… just to leave. So they packed up over 150 residents and moved to a motel in Haines City. These are the stories of the people who call this place home and the ones who keep it running.”

So check it out and make sure to check back in for Part Two to hear stories of residents of ‘Florida’s First Homeless Resort.’