RAURY @ LOCAL 662 1/11/15


Walking in the Local 662 in St.Petersburg, the atmosphere is chill & laid back, with good vibes all around. Performing live tonight hailing from Stone Mountain, GA is the abstract and eclectic Raury. He brought along some friends to open up on the Indigo Child Tour with him.

DJ and beauty Venessa Michaels spun some hype tunes to get people in the mood for the opener. Tay Jasper from Chi-town hit the stage getting the crowd rowdy and amped up. With DJ Venessa behind him, the two make for a great duo and opener.

IMG_3525Raury hit the stage shortly after, with him he had a sensational ensemble of people with him. A drummer with a huge set up, a rhythm/lead guitarist, and a soulful singer. As he was rapping & singing his songs, most of his fan base were doing the same with him and not missing one lyric. The crowd was just amplified off of his presence, as they were taking video of their favorite songs and snap chatting Raury’s performance to friends who couldn’t make the show. Raury is far more than just a rapper/singer, he has great vision inside of his lyricism and is also a musician. He even brought out his acoustic guitar for a couple of songs. Fans were overwhelmed with joy seeing him perform. Raury’s music, presence and vision will get him very far, be on the look out for him in the next years to come.