Pre-INC @ Venture Compound


Those brave of ear and open of mind once again braved the ever sensory overload shine known as the Venture Compound for the forth annual PRE-INC. The festival featured eight solid hours of acts playing fifteen minute sets and was advertised as no breaks, no mercy.

Those familiar with the noise-avant guard scene in the greater Tampa and St/Pete area had already come prepared with ear plugs, but if you forgot there was plenty being passed out at the front.

Squealing highs, chakra level bass rumbles, sounds that aped the Cassani Rocket launch and Sputnik worbles and beeps.

A few surprising trends that run through the night all please me to no end. One is the rise of the female in all aspects of the once teste laden Noise Music variety.

Perhaps, well in hand with the theme of “anti-super bowl party. There was no football on hand on the “television” mountain, but I did see the following on 25 t.v.s: Marty McFly, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Captain Picard and the crew of Half Baked, as well some “adult” films all played out of sequence against each other.

Another surprise is the rise of Steampunk like attire. Altus went full on top hat and tails looking like Willy Wonka and or “the ghost of Rolling Stone Brian Jones.” D.J. Hollow Life also sported a top hat and a long black suit jacket, which combined with the array of toys and blinking electronics on the ever laden table most of the acts played off all night gave the look of a mad scientists lab.

Indeed, many of the acts could and should be likened to mad science. An element of the absurd, to throw away conventional time, meter of any idea of harmony. It’s an overload on every level, from the gallery art of disturbing childlike work to the massive plates of food I helped to cook for everyone.

That included 18 hotdogs, three bags of chips, dip, eight sausages and two things of pineapple and a big serving of Greek Salad and two mangoes.

lilithLILITH (Lauren Lance) gave maybe the best performance of the night. The newest Shepherd Boy records member held the entire room in the palm of her witchy hand. As her spell of chants, wails and witch house keys melded with the smells of the grill and the bonfire I built for sacred Imbolc took alight, I find myself once again under the spell of the Church of the Venture, Reverend Vance and his brother John of COCK E.S.P. gave a late highlight.

Moogs, flashing lights, glitchy beats, gas masks and a sound that would have made Reznor mad with jealousy sent me into extreme fits of joy. Shirt off, gas mask on Jesse becomes the super heroic kick ass mystic wizard nerd kid that I always wanted to be. Beyond music, beyond art, the PRE INC is what happened to what used to be known as “punk rock.” DIY.


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Also, here’s a playlist of most of the acts by lumpypixels!