Pre-Fest 2 and Fest 13 Highlight Video By Christian Costello

Pre-Fest and Fest are widely regarded as the best punk music festival in the world and it happens right in our back yard. Pre-Fest is held in Ybor at Crowbar, New World Brewery, The Market on 7th, Tequilas, and The Orpheum.

While attending for my own enjoyment rather than for Zero Warning, I met more people from outside of the U.S. than from anywhere else. It’s truly an event that you should go to no matter how many bands you know. I only listen to a handful of bands that were playing, and using suggestions of my new Fest Friends I saw a ton of new bands and now listen to them regularly.

Fest and Pre-Fest will now be a yearly week long experience for myself and hopefully all of you!

Christian Costello is a local videographer who regularly records shows happening in the Tampa Bay area. He’s posted his own cut of highlights from both Pre-Fest 2 and Fest 13. Click here for a playlist of all of Christian’s Fest videos.

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