Navigateur / Infinite Third / RUDE100 / Alma Contra @ New World Brewery 3/13/15

The New World Brewery in Ybor was temporarily transported to another galaxy, as a rare lineup of local and regional electronic talents graced the stage brought to you by Thx Mgmt.

Recent F O R M A L O G I C_ Records signee Alma Contra was the first to go on, and immediately took everyone on a journey through hyperspace. His wonky, glitched out beats were an experience not unlike careening past comets and cosmic stardust. Heads were nodding along and you could tell the unsuspecting crowd was happy to be along for the ride. For his first ever live performance, Alma Contra quickly jumped onto the list of emerging bay area electronic acts.

Up next was RUDE100 with an assortment of synth-­heavy hip hop instrumentals. Starting the set off with a fusion of classic boom­bap and breakbeat productions, the chill vibes were later magnified thanks to an array of vocal performances from Monica Delgado and even Mateo Henley of Tampa ­based alt hip -hop group Samurai Shotgun.

The air was humid all night, but somehow, as Infinite Third began his performance, a cool breeze was felt for the entire duration of his set, almost as if it were a part of an elaborate performance piece. The icy atmosphere pervaded as Billy Mays III created layered ambient loops of guitar and white noise that were both blissful and blistering. Accompanied by sporadic downtempo beats not unlike something you’d hear from Boards of Canada, Infinite Third’s unique vision of cavernous post rock and dark ambient soundscapes were both a sight and sound to behold.

Fittingly, the night’s planetary pilgrimage came to a close with headlining act, sci-­fi beatsmith Navigateur. Playing a majority of tracks from last year’s beattape, Infinity Vol 1, including wavy highlight “Runnin’”, Navigateur’s sci-­fi sounds were accompanied by visuals of melting sunsets and exploding grids. Influenced heavily by 80’s synthesizer soundtracks, bits of funk and R&B could be found amongst the swirling textures and expansive arrangements. Ending his set with the nebulous nighttime jam, “River of Light” off his 2010 Steady Drift EP, it was a perfect endcap to the night’s far out festivities.


Photos by Goldy