Moon Hooch / Infinite Groove Orchestra / Samurai Shotgun @ Crowbar 3/31/15

An impressively high-energy and diverse crowd came together last Tuesday for what proved to be a talent-packed, exhilarating night brought to you by Brokenmold Entertainment. On March 31st, the New York City band Moon Hooch graced the stage at The Crowbar in Ybor City, preceded by the two local acts Samurai Shotgun and Infinite Groove Orchestra.

The rather eccentric Samurai Shotgun was up first. From the moment they stepped on stage they had the whole room’s attention with a sound like no other. This unique sound could easily be described as a bit all over the place in the most pleasing of ways, though they seem to prefer prog post hip-hop to be a little more exact. Regardless of the terminology you want to use to talk about it, between the skillful blending of genres and the fast-pace of the set, this Tampa based band’s style was a crowd pleaser all the way through.

Up next was Infinitive Groove Orchestra with their funky, jazzy, make-you-want-to-dance music. Their set started off a bit slow as the crowd seemed to be taking a moment to gather their thoughts and transition into this new sound, but by the end of it all they did not disappoint and had everyone up and dancing and warmed up for what was to come.

The final cherry on top of the already delightful night was Moon Hooch. This three-piece act got their start in the subways of Brooklyn and they’re authentic, raw, house-like sound, deemed “cave music”, fit right in with the vibes of night. The crowd was hushed as they entered the stage in a strange, trance-like manner that quickly turned into pulsing, loud, energetic dance music filled with crazy impressive sax solos. From the very start nobody stopped moving along to the irresistible beats and by the end this enthralling act had everyone begging for more.