Love Axe / The Vesper Bell / Empire Cinema @ New World Brewery 4/3/15

Love Axe
Love Axe

I was a bit hesitant to attend Love Axe’s album release show at The New World Brewery. Being alone in Ybor for a concert wasn’t the most ideal Friday night plan, but I went in with an open mind. Stepping into the hip, tucked away bar, I started to loosen up as I slowly walked through and observed the comfortable atmosphere. I took a seat on a bench outside and watched people of all ages (over the age of 18, of course) talk amongst themselves and sip on their cold beer.

Empire Cinema took the stage about thirty minutes after my arrival. With heavy drums and guitar this band definitely broke the silence within the venue. One thing I did notice about their set was the overwhelming crash of the drums. I wasn’t quite sure if the sound tech made a mistake at first but then realized the powerful drums were a form of musical expression. Listening through the bangs and crashes, I could tell the set was high-energy rock with a slight twist of angst.

Empire Cinema finished strong, and the night was once filled with silence as The Vesper Bell set up their equipment. When Vesper Bell started to play a bit later, my ears were giving a great amount of thanks. The set was soft acoustic and set an extremely relaxed mood within the scene. I was often reminded of Mumford & Sons during the set. It was pleasant to be able to close my eyes and absorb the nice weather and even nicer music. Acoustic guitars and sweet, melodic voices from The Vesper Bell flooded from the speakers and pleased the audience. I honestly wanted the set to continue on for a few more hours.

To end the night, Love Axe took the stage. Being part of New Granada Records (a local Tampa record label), they brought a refreshing wave of California-pop to the local scene. One of the members being from Tampa herself, the crowd was filled with long-term friends and family. All the comradery only added to the upbeat vibe as heavy bass and funky keys poured from the speakers. After a slight mishap with a broken guitar string, Love Axe continued strong with groovy vibes and true talent. Crowd members were dancing as the band wrapped up their set. I would highly recommend checking this band out! The night turned out to be one of my most enjoyed nights in a while.

Love Axe’s new album can be picked up at Microgroove in Seminole Heights or online at

Listen to a single from the album below!