Lipschitz to Donate Old Merch to People in Swaziland


Hardcore punk band Lipschitz is hoping to donate the remainder of their out-of-circulation t-shirts to small villages in Swaziland following a two-day clearance sale of all their merchandise.

The band, based out of Odessa, sold more than 50 t-shirts during their sale on December 23 and 24. Lipschitz recently released a single off their upcoming EP, Ever // Ready, on their Bandcamp and all donations to download the song go to helping women and children who have survived human rights abuses.

“We had been talking about doing something like this for a while. For this to be able to happen now is perfect timing,” Lipschitz bassist Jack Jallo said in an interview with Zero Warning.

Jallo recently met an old friend at a show who said her and her family will be moving to Swaziland in the coming months. After realizing that shipping the out-of-circulation shirts to the country in Southern Africa would cost thousands of dollars, Lipschitz approached Jallo’s friend about bringing a suitcase full of the shirts on the trip with her.

There are roughly 120 remaining shirts the band wants to donate, according to Jallo.

Previously the band had donated a t-shirt to Homeless Helping Homeless every time someone bought a t-shirt through their online store. Homeless Helping Homeless is a Tampa non-profit that provides emergency shelter and clothing to the homeless population in the city.

These donations are part of the band’s DIY, community-based philosophy. The two t-shirt designs remaining on their Bandcamp store deal with social awareness and police brutality, issues Jallo said the band will explore more of through their music and activism in the future.

“In America people have the ability to have as many things as they want, but over there it’s not the same,” Jallo said. “Clothes are something everyone in the world should have and if we can help out by giving something then that’s the whole point. The whole idea of our band is to have fun and help people. One way or another, we are going to do both at the same time, no matter what.”