Interview with Producer Rude 100

rude 100

Meet Rude 100, a hip-hop producer representing Tampa Bay. He is also a member of the overpowering super group Gwan Massive and 1/3 of The Rukus. Get to know more about his come up and inspirations right here!

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Goldy: Where are you from?

Rude 100: I’m originally from Tampa, Florida although I grew up in a Marine Corps family and moved around quite a bit. I also consider myself from Okinawa Japan where i spent my high school years and where I met my Rukus brothers. you will always find references to japan in my music. Its a huge part of who I am.

G:  Who inspired you?

R: Early on I was inspired by DJ Premire, Pete Rock, Timbo, Neptunes, Dilla and those guys. These days i find myself more inspired by music from Flying Lotus, Afta-1, Tall Black Guy, Oddisee, Elequent, Esta from Soulection just to name a few.  I also find inspiration from my peers from Tampa, I’m lucky to have some really talented friends. They keep me on my toes for sure.

G: How long have you been producing?

R: For me I think it was a natural progression from emceeing. At the time I didn’t know any producers and needed original beats. I grew up in a musical family and felt like I could do it. I had a good ear for hip hop and dove into it head first and never looked back. I’ve been producing since the year 2000, so going on 15 years now,  I went to guitar center and purchased a triton, a Boss 303 and a Korg D12 recorder. I was making beats on that triton for a few years and really couldn’t produce the sound I was looking for. Then while in school at full sail university I picked up a MPC 1000 and thats when things started to get real.

G: What artist are you currently listening to?

R: Currently i’m listening to my “wife” FKA twigs a lot. I always seem to have FlyLo in rotation. I recently discovered this guy Jack Garrat who has a cool future soul sound. I’ve been stuck on that genre for awhile now. I enjoyed the J. Cole album recently. I know some people are hating on it but whatever i like what I like you know. the Prhyme album is in the rotation for sure. The Tangible Dream album by Oddisee is another incredible album I can’t stop listening too and I highly recommend it to any and everyone, Amazing work.

G: Who are your top 5 favorite artists in Florida?

R:  Top 5 in florida… hard to name just 5 honestly but in no particular order Mike Mass, Surreal, Samurai Shotgun, Breakdown, aaaaand, Fanotch has impressed me with his flows as of late. Five really isn’t enough though so I want to also mention Dynasty, Jinx, Keno, etc. . . those who I mess with know it.

G: Which do you enjoy more, rapping or producing?

R: At this point I think I enjoy producing more. Rapping has always been apart of me since 12 years old when I started writing. I believe it always will be. Producing just allows me to explore other musical interest other than just hip hop. not every beat I make is “Hip Hop”.

G: What’s next for The Rukus and Gwan Massive?

R: As of right now the next move for Gwan Massive is Rock the Park in April. Got some new things in the works for that. The Rukus has some new songs being put together so keep an ear out for that. Things always seem to just pop up so you can stay updated on facebook of course.

G: What does making and playing live music mean to ywhat tou?

R: Its means the world to me. I have no idea where I would be or what I would be doing if I didn’t have music in my life. It has brought me so much joy and so put so many talented and amazing friends into my life over the years, how can I not be grateful. The feeling I get when rocking a show and finding just the right drum sounds or the right melody for a beat is something you can never get from any drug and hopefully I pass that feeling along with my music. Regardless, if I never blow up or make it big I know how much fun I have with it and as long as that’s happening I can’t stop won’t stop…