Interview with Evan and Derrick of Wiltshire


The Winter Wonderland Spectacular, put on by Wiltshire, took place at Preservation Hall in Lakeland recently. Before the local band took the stage, I got to sit down with two of their members: Evan Cole their drummer and Derrick Dietrich their bassist.

Photo above left to right: William Wiltshire, Derrick Dietrich, Matt Murphy, Evan Cole

Rachael: Are you guys excited to play this venue tonight?

Evan: Always!

Derrick: Definitely, yeah. It’s nice to play in the show as well as put it together.

R: I know we’re in Lakeland, but what are your favorite venues to play in Tampa Bay area? Which stick out in your mind the most?

E: We played Skippers and that was a pretty nice set.

D: Oh, yeah we loved that place.

E: We also liked playing at Market on 7th.

D: We’ve played there several times.

E: Gaspar’s too, we’ve played there a couple times.

R: When you’re playing a show, what makes it so special? The audience, the venue, how it all comes together?

D: Yeah, it’s the chance to play for some new people who haven’t heard us.

E: It’s really fun, too. You know, we’re all grown dudes and we kind of have our own lives, but we get to get together and go make music for fun.

D: And act like children.

R: What has helped influenced your music?

D: Well with Wiltshire I think band members kind of have their own influence; we all kind of come at it from different directions. For myself, it’s a lot of Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, 80’s alternative, and other stuff like that.

E: I like listening to stuff like Modest Mouse and Manchester Orchestra; I like an edgier, harder sound. And, you know, each of us does bring our own kind of different flavor to the mix, but it still makes a decent meal when you put it all together.

R: Now that you say that, when I heard Wiltshire play Ybor City Rocks at Gaspar’s Grotto, it sounded like a nice mix of music.

D: Yeah, Will [the lead singer] has a lot of folk influences.

E: And Matt is a really good guitar player, you can put anything with strings in front of him and he’ll figure it out.

R: Is that a key for your band, having a good mix?

E: It’s something that’s really important to us. You know, not putting on a repetitive show. We want different people to show up and mix their groups together.

D: It has to be cohesive, but you want it to be a little bit different, for sure.

R: That’s the good things about live shows with bands like Wiltshire, you guys don’t do the same motions, there’s always different aspects to it.

D: Yeah, we’re so odd we kind of fit in with a lot of things that we really shouldn’t. We’ll fit in with a country show, a rock show, a folk show, or whatever.

R: You play together really well, how long have you been playing together as a band?

E: Hmm, I think it’s just over a year now.

R: So what’s on the horizon for Wiltshire?

D: Our next album!

R: Cool, when does that come out?

D: Well, we haven’t started recording yet, but yeah we’ve got all the songs ready and now we’re just kind of looking for the best deal that we can get. And we’re thinking about doing a kick-starter maybe, to try to help make it happen.

E: Crowd sourcing is a good idea because it kind of gets people involved more into understanding what is involved in recording an album, as opposed to walking into Walmart and grabbing what you want. When you help someone else do it, it’s like you can see the process, you kind of feel gratified knowing that we’re doing what we can do because of your help and we’re going to give back to you as often as we can. It kind of makes it more like everyone is involved together, instead of a separation between the audience and the band.

*Also, before we end, Derrick gave me permission to disclose that lead singer Will “does indeed do a lot of his best writing on the toilet.”