Gillian Carter – Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset Review

gillian carter

Palm Bay holds a tiny gem called Gillian Carter. Their third full length titled “Lost Ships Sinking With The Sunset” is a great display of how beautiful hardcore can be. This 16 minute album containing 8 tracks is best described as serene chaos. Its post-hardcore, punk, emo, and ambient all put into one creating a heavy yet alluring album.

The LP starts off with “Recently…” with its aesthetic opening statement then the song kicks into a post punk dream leaving you in their throughout the entirety of the LP, with heavy punk drumming, the stunning distorted guitars ,the coarse screams it will make you keep this album on repeat. The album ends with a happy conclusion titled “Spring Song” and brings a great end to the wondrous journey that ensue. Other great songs are “Time (All That Is Left Is Fading)” and “Sinking With The Sunset” which show both sides to this band.

This is definitely a must buy, worth every dollar given check out their bandcamp and give them a like on facebook. For fans of: At The Drive-In, Crime In Stereo, Palms, and Glassjaw