Gatsby – Starship Jericho Review

A lot of the highlights of Gatsby’s album “Starship Jericho” treads the line between a ill emcee and a human being. A emcee that feels he is the best on a competitive level ( as he should ) and a human being that’s faced his fair share of pressure, fear and confusion while finding himself as a artist.

Opening up the mixtape ( Undisputed ) with a Chris Jericho sample of him ranting “You people have been lead to believe that mediocrity is excellence. I, Jericho, is excellence”. Hearing that immediately gives me high expectations for this project. Following the sample with an in your face flow laced with a aggressive attitude over dark sounds. Moving on to Liontamer which to me stood out the most because it sounds like its meant to satisfy the day one Hip-Hop Heads. The heads that still love the East Coast late 90‘s early 2000‘s sound. On what sounds like it came straight from the Rocafella/Dipset era, he drops bars for the listeners like “Dreams made this but half the city gon hate it, other half fuck with me nigga. I’m their favorite but if jealousy is love and hate I guess I half made it”. The album then makes a transition to a sunny day in Tampa on “Sunday AM/PM”. A dope feel good track for a bbq with the friends and family that ends with a disgusting switch up on the beat at 2:45.

Signs of a genius start appearing when you reach tracks “8:47“ and “New Millenium”. Two very well put together pieces of art. Coming off as a student of Kanye West, The Roots and Kid Cudi in his production skills; this is a perfect time for this kind of artist to blow up in this particular decade. My favorite track on this album has to be “The Ayatollah”. A nice track for the herb partakers with banging drums, house party vibe and Betty Dawl’s soul floating over the beat. Heading towards the end of the album.a light shines directly on the human side I was speaking of earlier. “Problems Money Cant Buy”, “Restart” and “Trapping Will Kill You”. These tracks touch on a point in his life as a artist struggling to find himself, his journey to ultimately becoming a succesful artist and socal issues. Lines that stood out to me were “ Getting picked on for being skinny shit and talking proper, wish I could just pop up and leave his brains on the locker. blocka blocka but I aint made of Columbine nigga inside I’m dying for a peace of mind”.

Overall this is a great body of work put together by the Bluuzone team. For those that dont know, Bluuzone is a collective of rappers, producers, visual artist and thinkers. Gatsby joined the fold along with the group, West Egg last year.

Listen to his episode of Regarding Tampa

Written by – Gossett Brown