FKA Twigs @ The Social – 12/3/2014

FKA Twigs-1

Knowing about this show 3 months in advance, I slept on getting tickets as soon as they went on sale. I knew it would sell out and procrastinated, but luckily I got tix last minute.

With this being her first time coming to Florida, and only doing 2 cities I knew it would be packed inside, and it was. The Orlando and Miami shows sold out fast. Standing in line you could see the hipster fan girls (and boys) wrapped around the building. With an exotic hair styles and clothing similar to FKA Twigs herself. Doors opened almost on time and people flooded in. Everyone got their spot and did not budge at all.

As I was waiting for Twigs to come out on stage I was wondering if there would be any cool openers on tour with her. I was right, while waiting through up tempo house beats and IDM straight from the UK an opener appeared on stage, dressed in a punk leather jacket mixed with a early 90’s style, he started ripping on the guitar with a slew of effects pedals while singing and rapping. The opener goes by the name Boots, super producer, musician and song writer. He had 2 drummers and a keyboardist backing him up with an intense sound. What a perfect opener for this show.

As the lights got dim, it was time for the petite song bird to take the stage. First came out her band. Three men all dressed in black looking like they just got off tour with Depeche Mode. They went to their assigned instruments which were octopads, then the songstress herself floated from the darkness into the light dancing sensually over the Trip-Hop electronic R&B vibes.

Twigs opened up with “Preface” as the entire audience cheered then stood silent, captivated from her soft voice. The light show was amazing through out her whole set, from strobes to strong ultra violet beams hitting the crowd. She performed all of her singles from “Water Me” and “Papi Pacify” to “Two Weeks”. She took a couple short breaks to talk to the crowd in her shy and soft British accent, melting all of the guys in the crowd. Truly a great show for lovers of experimental R&B and a change of pace.