Ferg’s Sports Bar to become a new venue for national acts


Via Trip Advisor


Apparently being the #1 sports bar of a failing baseball team across from an even worse stadium isn’t drawing in the crowds Ferg’s Sports Bar wants. So what do bars with too much space do when the drunk 40-somethings aren’t coming in? Become a music venue, of course.

Late yesterday afternoon, the Tampa Bay Times reported Downtown St. Pete’s most iconic sports bar will soon be a music venue.¬†Of course, Ferg’s will pander more to national acts than locals ones (most likely bands like Jimmy Buffett, Phil Collins and whatever other shit parents are listening to these days). “Stop trying to be cool, grandpa!”

“It’s a festival ground that can be run like a club,” St. Pete promoter John C. “Jack” Bodziak told the Tampa Bay Times about the lot behind Ferg’s.

That’s right, Ferg’s is teaming up with BODZIAK. For those who haven’t been in the area long enough to remember, Bodziak is the old operator for Janus Landing that did a decent stint in lockup for grand theft and bad checks back in 2010. This was before Janus Landing had to rebrand itself as Janus Live try to revive the mismanaged and ailing concert venue.

Not to worry though, most 20-somethings and local music enthusiasts will continue to avoid Ferg’s like the plague like they always have.