Exclusive: Infinite Third Releases Surprise EP and Video “Nothing Happened”

Local artist Infinite Third has been teasing his fans for about a month now with a cryptic image depicting a black and white inverted dirt road, saying only 2/22/15. He also requested fans put the infinity symbol (∞) in the comments if “you’re interested in whatever this is.”

This tease turned out to be a new 32 minute long drone/noise EP named Nothing Happened. As an added bonus he’s simultaneously released a video for the title track.

Infinite Third has agreed to share the video exclusively on Zero Warning from 2/22/15 through the next week.

Its clear within the first few minutes of Infinite Third’s new video for”Nothing Happened”, this is not just a song. And its not supposed to be. The idea is “Nothing Happened” is an experience. The piece in and of itself is slow and meditative, and for listeners, the video is meant to act as a visual accompaniment.

Made by walking backwards through downtown Tampa for around 10 minutes, the video was then reversed and slowed down to half speed to fit the entire 18 minute and 40 second track. It is incredibly intriguing to watch people walking backwards in slow motion while Infinite Third, who now appears to be walking forward, looks at the scenes playing out around him.

Infinite Third is a part of the artist collective Remember You Are Dreaming. Since its inception, RYAD has assembled many like-minded artists (from all mediums and backgrounds) and continues to host new collaborations as well as inspire interesting independent art. Be sure to head over to their YouTube page where you can find some more amazing videos.

You can find Nothing Happened on Bandcamp (below) and is currently set to name your own price. You can find Infinite Third online at www.infinitethird.com on Facebook and Twitter.