Ex-Breathers – EXBX Review

Power Violence has a home in Florida, if you think were wrong here at Zero Warning  get familiar with Tallahassee’s very own Ex-Breathers with there recent release simply titled EXBX. The album tally’s up to a total of only 11 minutes and 42 seconds thru 12 songs, but it takes you through a journey of non-stop, spit in your face punk songs with a great mixture of noise elements and progressive instrumentation. The album does meet a calm before the storm midway through with “Hang”, a postponing bass heavy atmospheric track, then picks up again for the last six face smashing songs that will make you want to bash a whole in the wall with your head. If you love power violence, hardcore, punk make sure you add this album to your catalog.

The album is for sale at bandcamp for $5.

For fans of United Nations, Trash Talk, and The Locust