Friday the 13th in St.Petersburg,FL at State Theatre with Didges Christ Super Drum, Into the Grave, Sahe and Wicked Revolution. It was a freezing cold night in St.Pete, but that didn’t stop people from coming out to a to see some of their bands tear it up at State Theatre.

Wicked Revolution rocked the stage with their stoner-metal vibe, deep hitting bass lines with lead singer Maria’s vocals stretching through out the venue. Wicked Revolution had very melodic sounds as well that matches perfect with the front-woman’s singing skills.

Up next was the wild powerhouse of rock & roll band SAHE. Dressed in all white jumpsuits, the 4 piece brought good old fashioned rock to the venue. With crazy guitar solo’s and an unstoppable stage presence, they made it clear that they are in it to win it. Metal/Hard rock band Into the Grave from Brandon, FL hit the performance platform next, with stage props galore and extra lights, they were ready to bring their own epic party to the stage. Into the Grave surely gave the crowd a show, with even a musical intermission while the singer did a outfit change.

Didges Christ Super Drum was the most eclectic band of the night, musically and visually. From amazing costumes designs to didgeridoo’s, Didges Christ certainly had the whole audience locked on them. With great story telling and role playing on stage, they have dancers that play the part with neon bright colors illuminating off the black lights, as well as each band member. Their sound mixes industrial and spacey hard hitting electronica, which they execute with ease. It’s hard to believe that a band like Didges is still local, they could easily tour with a variation of acts from Tool to Gravity Kills to KMFDM. They’re definitely one of the many hidden jewels in the bay area that people need to come across that will give them a new and uplifting experience.