Danny Piechocki’s Birthday Experience 2.1

Danny Piechocki, the man, the myth, the legend. The very talented drummer, bassist, whatever, had his 21st birthday party! And boy was it a party!  He hand picked 16 bands, yeah thats right 16, a musical genre-less night of epicness. If you couldn’t find at least 3 bands that you found awesome or interesting, then you’re a straight up loser and you can stick to your mainstream top 40 on the radio. Danny even brought down the 2 piece progressive-jazz-math rock Ahleuchatistas from North Carolina.

The festive vibe was in the air, with Danny’s face on almost everything and every where you looked, to photo booths and prizes, the night was beyond great for his 21st b-day. By the way, Danny played in 3 bands that night, jeeeez, is there anything this guy can’t do?

Check out Danny’s picks for 2014!

Ahleuchatistas / Jitters / Zulu Wave / Samurai Shotgun / Wolf- Face / Bees and Enormous Tigers / Early Forms / Eight Million Kami / Lions After Dark / Snacking / Mark Castle / Mr. and Mrs. Smith / Direwood / Sam Wolter / Ophelia / La Lucha