Dads, Runaway Brother, Roger Harvey @ Epic Problem 2/15/15

Dads blessed us with their presence this past Sunday marking their second time playing Skatepark of Tampa’s Epic Problem. The NJ emo rockers brought two other stellar bands along with them, the first of which being Roger Harvey and the second being Runaway Brother.

Roger Harvey and his band who played a set of exorbitant quality. We were lucky enough to catch them on what just happened to be their one-year anniversary together as a band and they couldn’t have played a better selections of songs to celebrate it with.

Next up was Cleveland four-piece Runaway Brother. With their admirable vocal harmonies and exceptional drummer, the band without a doubt brought the pop-punk thunder. Their debut album Mother will be out soon on Tiny Engines.

Last, but by no means at all least, were the real stars of the show, Dads, now complete with touring bassist. Opening with an acoustic rendition of “Shit Twins,” the tantalizing trio went straight into an outstanding selection of songs spanning their entire career. John’s prodigious drumming coupled with Scott’s pleasing guitar tone made for yet another great show at Epic Problem.


Words by Colin Freiberger.
Photos by Anthony Martino.