Curren$y / Wave Chapelle / Gatsby / Boy Wonder @ Orpheum

“Jet life, Jet life”. The preaching’s of one of your favorite marijuana smokin’ rappers. Curren$y aka Spitta, has been rocking for years, from the No Limit days to Cash Money in the mid 2000’s before poppin’ off with Wiz Khalifa and Ski Beatz.

The night was looking great, a packed house of over 500 people and a slew of Tampa’s finest opening up. Boy Wonder got it crackin’, swinging his dreads and reppin’ 813 to the fullest with his trill sounds. Gatsby, another one of the Bay’s new school leaders rocked  songs from his latest project “The Red Tape” and gave the crowd some new songs off his upcoming project due to drop late 2014. Wave Chapelle (on tour with Spitta) hit the stage next. First time in Florida the crowd showed him love, as you could see him overwhelmed with excitement on stage. Coming from  Milwaukee, Wisconsin you would never know that there is a thriving hip-hop scene there. He has been shown a great deal of love from Yo Gotti, amongst others and is know touring with Jet Life. All of the openers rocked the stage 100% with bounce & hype, but the crowd was too laid back, throwing up their hands every now and then.

You have to think about it though, 90% of Curren$y’s fans are smokers, too high to move and bounce around, so they just watched and noded their heads. On top of that, under agers were booted for sneaking drinks and the people who were firing up blunts & joints got escorted quickly out the building and had to watch the show from the door.

Dj Bombshell Boogie came out to start setting up, and the crowd started cheering. Every fan of Jet Life knows that she is Spitta’s main dj. Once she’s plugged in ready to go, she plays a few joints, and the lights go off. You hear Curren$y’s voice and he runs out on stage, fans go wild as he says, “it feel good to be back in Tampa, y’all show me hella love every time”. Then it starts raining on stage from joints and dime sacks, Spitta thanks the crowd, smokes on stage and keeps it moving. He performed songs off “The Stoned Immaculate, Covert Coup, and Weekend at Bernies”. Then said, “where all my old Spitta fans at! You want some classics?” He did verses off “This Ain’t No Mixtape, Pilot Talk and Pilot Talk 2″. Fans were so happy to see Curren$y live that they didn’t care about security and start blazing up. Eventually most got kicked out for smoking weed, even Spitta said “come on y’all! you guys gotta keep it low so the boys won’t kick you out!” as he was joking on stage. Half way through his set a fan gave him a Tampa hat and he wore it for a song then threw it back. Another fan gave Spitta a hot wheels Lamborghini, he just doesn’t collect real ones you can drive, but also a collector of the Mattel kind. It was a good night for hip-hop, after his performance he signed shirts, hats & posters. As an artist it’s always important to connect with your fans, and he did just that.

Photos by – Christy Marie