Crying / Told Slant @ Epic Problem

Crying and Told Slant are residents of New York City on a nearly nation wide tour. Full of energy the small crowd couldn’t have been more excited to be there.

The chippunk opener Shadynasty put on an unexpectedly great show using a a gameboy and a cartridge called “Little Sound DJ”.  One song in particular stuck out with me called “My Spaceship is Shit” Check them out on Bandcamp!

Snacking put on a solid performance despite their bassist was playing with his other band in St. Pete. I can’t say enough about these guys, I am eagerly awaiting more recorded music from them!

Told Slant was up next. I have to admit that the first time I heard their music I wasn’t a fan. After a few weeks and a few listens I realized I was incredibly wrong. The music is even better live, truly overflowing with emotion and energy. While speaking with Felix Walworth, the front-man for Told Slant, a fan expressed his appreciation by saying, “That was the best live show I have ever seen.” a sentiment shared by everyone at the show.

Crying finished up the show as the most anticipated band of the night. Elaiza’s singing could be called shy, but fit the music extremely well. The lyrics are intriguing and deserve at least one read through. Nick Corbo on drums was as animated as you could hope for from a drummer. Ryan Galloway plays guitar and created the gameboy parts using “Little Sound DJ”

After the show the touring bands were asking around to see if anyone had a place they could crash. I welcomed them to my home and found both bands to be extremely nice, thoughtful and smart people. If they make it back to town their show is not one to be missed.