Buffalo Buffalo / Blacksmith / UFO Sex Scene @ New World Brewery 3/22/15

When people talk about Sunday’s it usually entails having a relaxing day followed by a mellow night. However, Brokenmold Entertainment made sure Sunday night at New World Brewery was anything but mellow. Buffalo Buffalo, Blacksmith, and UFO Sex Scene brought their A-games and heavy sounds to send-off the weekend in an epic way.

First up was UFO Sex Scene. This local Tampa band started off the night with a psychedelic bang. They set the scene with a drummer in a space suit, the female lead singer in a onesie, lights and balloon animals all around; and then the music starts. The self-described “hybrid” band intermixed their punk rock sounds with ethereal space noises. They even handed out cowbells to the crowd to play as they pleased throughout the set. UFO Sex Scene made the audience feel as though they were being transported into space, with some pretty killer music playing along the way.

Next on stage was another local band, Blacksmith. These guys were preforming at New World Brewery for the first time, but that didn’t hinder them from carrying on with this amazing night. Their punk rock sounds were intensified through their good lyrics, screaming, and an all-around amazing connection with the crowd. The audience loved Blacksmith’s set. If anyone in the crowd wasn’t rocking out yet, they definitely were now.

Last up was Buffalo Buffalo. Coming in from Tallahassee, New World Brewery was lucky to get these three guys, literally, their van broke down on their way to Tampa. Fortunately for them local band Wolf Face got them sorted out. However, their troubles were easily forgotten as they brought out the biggest crowd in front of the stage. This band mixed their punk rock sounds with a bit of emo and then laced all that together with well-timed rhythm changes. Buffalo Buffalo are currently touring, and if there was a doubt in anyone’s mind if they should go check them out, just ask Sunday night’s crowd at New World Brewery. I’m sure you would be a resounding “hell yes!”

Our friend Mike Plante shot video of the show, you can check it out below!