Beyobe – Vinyl Richie III Review

Beyobe_Vinyl_Richie_3_The_Return_Of_Real_Musick-front-largeWelcome to the wonderful world of Beyobe, aka Beyo, with his latest installment titled Vinyl Richie III. Beyo’s instrumentals have a wide range of versatility that hip-hop fans will be pleased with. With catchy samples he chops them up and precisely stages them against his hard hitting drums. On Vinyl Richie III Beyo covers tracks that have a smooth feel that leaves you to drift away like “2001 A.D.” and “The Manziel Project”, to gritty underground slappers like “Don’t Jump” and “Agatha Christie”. He doesn’t stop there, the track “Noon Tomorrow>” will lead you to get your boogie on, and “Black Suede” gives you a Texas inspired Screwed N Chopped feel that Slim Thug himself would be proud of. Beyobe shows that being a versatile producer is key, also with each track mix and mastered to perfection goes along way. He can match any style you want, but on this album truly shines on jazz and soul sampled tracks. If Vinyl Richie III gets your attention, don’t sleep on his past work Vinyl Richie 1 and 2 for more slappin’ instrumentals.

For fans of Pete Rock, Static Selektah and 9th Wonder