Welcome to the world of Betty Dawl, where music, poetry, art, and fashion come together as one. Walking into the basement of Ybor City’s venue “The Social”, you see a colorful variety of abstract and fashionable merchandise, flashing lights, and a lovely mix of people all while the DJ is playing some trill-trap music. It all just feels right.
This is Betty’s first more than well put together show, and love in the room is amazing. DJ/poet/artist/rapper/singer Betty Dawl covers it all, with a very exotic look and refreshing style of dressing, she is lovable and very passionate in her path of art.

She kept the opening acts to a small number with emo rapper Jorge Alveraz who wasn’t afraid to pour is heart out, and the 2 piece multi instrument soulful Vivify.

After the openers got the crowd hyped up for the Dawl, Betty hits the stage asking if your third-eye is open. Going into a wide range of styles from hip hop to poetry to r&b and a quick intermission for a wardrobe change, she comes back and gives the crowd some “turn up” music. The good vibes were definitely in the air. With bright lights, lasers, twerkin’ and bubbles (really, bubbles) floating in the air,  it’s a great night for Betty indeed, as she began to tear up and thanking the crowd for all the support.