Ask me if I care? A way of life for Jacksonville’s three piece punk hip-hop band simply titled Askmeificare. They are one third hip-hop, one third punk, one third metal. Each member bring in their own style and really making it work as a whole.

Their most recent album, Middle Fingers Up (MFU), released September 2014 really shows how many fucks they give. The answer is zero. With raunchy hip-hop songs like ” S.L.U.T. (Sexy Little Undercover Throwaway)” and “Rawmantic”, to more punk oriented songs like “Upindaclub” and “Wiped Out” the band really brings in a different role for an M.C. and shows how well it can work on this album. With fast flowing bars brought by vocalist Raw, to punk rock drum beats from Jlee, and heavy groove metal bass riffs its amazing how there is no guitarist on this album yet there sound is very big. “Middle Finger Up” really shows why they call themselves Askmeificare.

Find them on bandcamp and make sure you catch a show you will not be disappointed.

For fans of Bad Brains, Body Count, and Public Enemy