Album of the Week: Pilgrimage – EP


Every Monday one Zero Warning contributor will be sharing a local album or EP that they enjoy. This isn’t a review of the album, but more of a way to share some of our favorite music.

For the first week I have chosen the album that showed me what local music has to offer, Pilgrimage’s EP. In Lakeland, a town where there’s churches on every corner and lifted trucks on every road, I never expected to be brought in to a world of new friendships and amazing memories.

Through a series of odd twists and turns, I became friends with Charlie Reese. He asked me to  photograph his yet to be named band and invited me to one of their practices to take some photos. Those turned out terrible, but we decided to shoot more photos at FSC and that was the start of something big for me. I didn’t know exactly how, but I knew this was something I wanted to be a part of.

They released their EP a few weeks before their first show at Evolution and it will remain as one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Lately, they have been playing new material almost exclusively, and it’s amazing. This weekend they played “Ra88″ and “Police, Don’t Shoot Me” and it reminded just how much I love their music. The entire crowd screamed out the words to “Police, Don’t Shoot Me”, we’ve all listened to the EP a thousand times.

Pilgrimage is an incredibly important part of the Lakeland music scene, and I am very proud to have worked with them and seen them as many times as I have. The EP is set to name your own price on Bandcamp, and the music is easily worth $5, a small chunk of change that will help them out a lot.

Their next show is Friday, February 13th at Preservation Hall in Lakeland. RSVP on Facebook here. Be on the look out for their first album which should be release in the coming months.